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- 7th World Acupuncture Congress of WFAS -
in Strasbourg / France


Contact information:

WFAS 2009 conference Strasbourg secretariat c/o

Université de Strasbourg,
Dépt. Congres-Service
19, rue du Maréchal Levebvre
F-67100 Strasbourg / France

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The European Organizing Committee of the 7th WFAS- World Conference
on Acupuncture

From left to right: Dr. Denis Colin (Paris / France), Dr. Michael Germann (Wiesbaden / Germany),
Dr. Pascal Beaufreton (Vannes / France), Andreas Rinnößel (Tennenbronn / Germany),
Dr. Jürgen Eckelt (München / Germany)

    The European organizing committee

1. The presidents:

>> Dr. Michael Germann (Wiesbaden), member of the WFAS executive board and vice president of ATCAE - Acupuncture and TCM-Association of German Physicians Educated in China  

>> Dr. Denis Colin (Paris) President of the CFA-MTC Collège Francais d´Acupunture de Medicine Traditionelle Chinoise (WFAS Member Society) and president of APEMECT 

2. The vicepresidents:
Dr. Pascal Beaufreton (Vannes / France), member of the WFAS executive board
FAFORMEC – Fe´dération des Acupuncteurs pour leur Formation Medicale Continue and

>> Andreas Rinnoessel (Schramberg / Deutschland), member of the board of ATCAE - Germany)

3. The further organization committee is formed by
the members of the board of ATCAE Germany and CFA- MTC and APEMECT France


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