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- 7th World Acupuncture Congress of WFAS -
in Strasbourg / France

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      >>> Deadline for abstracts: September 14th, 2009

      >>> Abstracts may contain no more than 250 words.

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          WFAS 2009 Conference Strasbourg Secretariat c/o
          Université de Strasbourg, Dépt. Congres-Service
          19, rue du Maréchal Levebvre
          F-67100 Strasbourg / France

          Fax: 00  33  390 244  941   Phone: 00  33  390 244  940   info@wfas-2009.org

Thank you very much
and a warm welcome in Strasbourg / France
the capital city of Europe!

Venue: The European Parliament!
(special permission for WFAS congress)

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Topics of the 7th WFAS-World-Congress

     1. Scientific researches on acupuncture

    1.1. Methodology in acupuncture

    1.1.1. Standards of research protocols

    1.1.2. Standards of edition of research results

    1.1.3. Placebo and acupuncture

    1.2. Worldwide trials and projects due to acupuncture

    1.2.1. Researches on Neurophysiology

    1.2.2. Researches on Pain Joint pain Visceral pain Migraine & headache Back pain

    1.2.3. Haematology Disorders of thrombocytes Treatment of anaemia Treatment of leucocytes

    1.3. Literary and traditional researches on channels,

      points and scripts

2. Acupuncture in practise

    2.1. Needle manipulation and the de-Qi-sensation

    2.2. Acupuncture in combination with other therapies

    2.3. Standardisation of acupuncture needles

    2.4. Acupuncture for chronic or severe diseases

    2.4.1. Female disorders Disturbances of the female cycle Corse of pregnancy Delivery Post-partum disorders Sterility

    2.5. Acupuncture in chemotherapy and radiotherapy of cancer

    2.6. Acupuncture in rheumatology

    2.7. Acupuncture in geriatrics

    2.8. Chronic skin diseases

    2.9. Acupuncture and allergy

    2.9.1. Ears- nose and throat diseases

    2.9.2. Rhinitis allergica

    2.9.3. Chronic sinusitis

    2.9.4. Allergic asthma

    2.9.5. Urticaria

    2.10. Acupuncture and addictions

    2.10.1. Tobacco & nicotine

    2.10.2. alcohol

    2.10.3. drugs

    2.10.4. medicaments

    2.10.5. mental and psychical addictions

    3. Legislation on acupuncture in different countries
         integration of acupuncture in different health systems


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Thank you very much
and a warm welcome in Strasbourg,

the capital city of europe!